A Companion for My Uncle

I found a helpful website that assisted me in changing to a new energy provider. I usually don’t switch from a service unless they are truly terrible and don’t offer any attempts to redeem themselves. My old energy provider was one of the worst providers out there, and their service wasn’t that cheap either. I would often call to complain about either the service itself or about the price of the service. Their customer service didn’t do anything to help, and essentially sent me through a series of never ending forwards from one to the next. I eventually was able to speak to the person in charge, and he told me that if I wasn’t pleased with their service, I could always find an alternative, and that’s what I did.

When I tried to cancel my service with the company, they were every apologetic and wanted to do anything to keep me from leaving, but at that point, I had made up my mind. If only the company had been willing to be so flexible when I was actually a paying customer, then maybe I wouldn’t have needed to cancel their service in the first place. There’s not point trying to win over a customer after they’ve decided to leave.

Things are better with the provider I have now. There is a significant difference in the amount I pay for energy on my bill now than when I was with my old provider. I haven’t experienced any problems with the service either. I’ve told everyone I know that if they aren’t already a customer of this company, they should be. I’ve gotten a few people to switch over to this provider, and because of it, the company has actually offered a credit on my bill, which makes my payment even lower than before.

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