Should I Buy a Condominium in Aljunied SG?

should i buy a condominium in sg

Purchase of a condominium in Aljunied SG requires additional payments such as Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD), depending on whether or not the buyer is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. The exact amount payable varies based on individual circumstance; you should always consult your lawyer about how to manage these costs before purchasing property in Singapore.

Condominiums differ from land properties in that they don’t own airspace; rather they own only four walls of each unit. Still, condos provide several benefits such as security and privacy.


Condos in Singapore are status symbols and are equipped with amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts to attract buyers and tenants alike. A desirable location could include being near an MRT station for added convenience.

Condos are usually targeted towards HDB upgraders or those looking to downsize from their landed properties, as they offer low maintenance costs and 24-hour security compared to bungalows. They may also be more affordable compared to renting.

However, when buying a condo you should keep in mind that additional expenses, such as monthly maintenance fees and Additional Buyers Stamp Duty (ABSD), must also be considered when setting a budget for purchasing one. Therefore it is vital that you plan your finances before taking the plunge!


Condos are often promoted as low maintenance solutions, making them attractive options for new homeowners or older buyers looking to downsize. This makes condo living particularly appealing.

Selecting an appropriate condo unit size is of utmost importance. While larger units tend to be more cost effective, their maintenance can become increasingly burdensome over time.

Condos that are built by reputable developers with well-maintained facilities tend to hold onto their value over time and make great rental investments, providing attractive returns.

Singaporeans increasingly opting to upgrade from HDB flats to private condominiums as an investment, though it is vital that they can afford the higher costs associated with such moves.


Quality facilities and services provided by a condominium should be a top consideration when searching for your new home. These features can help enhance living standards, offer convenience and enhance overall experience.

Some of the most desirable amenities found in condos include rooftop gardens, fitness centers and spas – facilities which encourage healthy lifestyles while offering relaxation services – as well as sports courts that provide an active way for residents to keep fit while meeting other residents.

When considering condos, it’s also essential to take their proximity to essential services into account, such as schools and supermarkets, into account in order to save both time and money while decreasing traffic congestion. Furthermore, look out for clubs or function rooms which foster community spirit.


Leasehold properties differ from freehold ones in that their recipients own them permanently, with fixed lease periods that range from years to decades or centuries; as more time passes on a lease agreement, its worth increases accordingly.

Location plays a large part in determining a property’s price; “location, location, location” has long been recognized as being key when looking to purchase condos.

New leasehold condos tend to be more cost-effective and yield greater rental returns than their older freehold counterparts. Furthermore, developers with a solid track record typically offer competitive pricing strategies and incentives such as deferred payment schemes or discounts during their launch phases.


If you plan on commuting regularly, choose a condo near public transport and amenities such as malls, community centres and restaurants within walking distance.

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When shopping for a condo, be sure to account for maintenance fees as they can quickly add up over time. Also keep an eye out for potential fees related to MCST fees or property tax payments that might apply – these should all be included as budget items in your plans.

Single Singaporeans may purchase new and resale private condominiums, though they are ineligible for government subsidies. When planning on buying an EC new, be aware that buyers stamp duty (BSD) may apply. A condo purchase can be an intimidating prospect, so do your research beforehand to meet eligibility requirements and find competitive mortgage loan rates.