I Needed a Solid Website Design

I knew that I did not have the talent to design my own website. I already had considered hiring a company that does professional web design, but I knew that I had to get all of my ducks in a row first. I simply could not go to a company that designs websites and give them nothing to go on. I run a small business, but I knew that I could grow it considerably if I could just get an online presence that I could maintain. That is why I wanted to hire a professional team to design my website.

I knew that I had to tell them the personality of the website that I wanted, and I also had to tell them what functionality I wanted on it. The functionality part was easy enough. I wanted to be able to display what I am selling, and I want it to be easy for people to buy what they want. I needed it to be extremely user friendly because I knew from personal experience that if someone is not happy with a website or if it is difficult to use, then that person will just find a website that is a lot easier to use.

The personality was a lot harder for me to come up with. I wanted it to be fun and whimsical, but I also wanted people to take it serious. That seemed a little bit of a contradiction, but the design company that I hired was able to pull it off. They created the perfect website for me, and I am able to track so many things on it behind the scenes because of the different tools that they taught me how to use with it. I knew that this was the right way to go, and my bank account is proof of that.