New Tricks with the Magic Wand

Last year I bought my wife a magic wand and she can’t get enough of it. It has a powerful vibration that can stimulate the nerves and cause arousing sensations. She thought it would be nice of you could put different things on the magic wand to create different sensations. She tried to attach a whisk to the wand with some duct tape, but it didn’t stay on for long because of all the vibrations. She tried again with a spoon handle, but it didn’t work. I looked online to see if there were any official magic wand attachments.

There were a lot of attachments that fit right onto the wand without the need for any tape. I let my wife pick the ones she wanted and I ordered them for her. She chose one that had a special double head. One head would sit on the female opening, while the other head would sit right above it. When the magic wand vibrates, both heads vibrate along with it, causing a sensation at the opening and the sensitive area next to it. Another one of the attachments that she chose has a third head that reaches back to the opening on the buttocks. This causes a trifecta of sensations when the magic wand starts vibrating.

My wife especially loves it when I use the wand with her. I don’t use it on myself, but I use it to stimulate her in multiple places. She doesn’t just like having the wand used on her lower area. I’ve used it on her neck, chest and back, and it really makes her relax. When she comes home from a long day at work, and her muscles are feeling tense, she reaches for the magic wand and rubs it all over for half an hour.