The Best Photo Booths for Social Media Events

A photo booth is typically a portable, typically hard-wired, kiosk or electronic vending unit that contains a digital, usually removable, camera and small, coin-operated film unit. These devices have changed very little since they were first introduced over 20 years ago. Most models today are digital, but some are still strictly gas-powered. Many of the older photo booths required customers to stand or walk through the booth to get their picture taken. These days most are wireless and most take just a few seconds to snap a photo without having to move.

photo booth

In many cases, the photo booth can double as an electronic photo-taking station for corporate events such as parties or open houses. Since many businesses have a tendency to hold events to celebrate accomplishments or provide for community outreach, corporate photo-booths have become an essential part of many events. In addition to providing guests with their pictures, they also play videos, music, and sometimes videos of speakers or guests. This added feature often makes these devices very popular at local or regional events, especially in schools and churches. At regional or school events, parents often make use of these booths to provide their children with fun, memorable pictures that they can display on their cell phones for years to come.

With all the different features available, photo booths can be set up virtually anywhere. They are great for weddings, proms, corporate meetings, baseball tournaments, and any other kind of social gathering where photos are a must. You could place one in your own garage and invite a wide variety of guests over for a beer or barbecue. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Some companies also use them at flea markets and swap meets, and the uses are endless.

Photo booths can be purchased onsite or rented for the event. If you plan on renting your photo booth for an event, then you need to know how to use it before you make a purchase. Most of the newer photo printers that are available on the market come with preset themes that allow you to choose exactly what you want. These are the easiest types of photo printers to use because everything is pre-determined. If you are interested in using a photo booth rental, then you will have to figure out what style you want to use yourself. There are basically three different styles of booths: Digital, LCD, and Traditional.

If you are planning on taking photographs during a social media event, then it might be a good idea to rent a digital photo booth. These are usually the best photo booths to rent because they give your guests the ability to post their pictures online with a simple press of a button. This gives you more options for entertaining your guests. However, if your guests are going to use social media to update their status, update their links, or upload pictures from a trip to the beach, then you might want to choose traditional props.

Traditional photo booths can also be great if you are having a silent auction. Some of these booths will allow you to set up the speaker so that it will not cause anyone to notice you. Your guests will be able to listen to the auction as if they were at an actual event without interrupting anyone. There are also some photo booths that can display a static photo of your items for your guests to choose from. This can provide them with an item to emulate at home.