Why Should I Buy an Executive Condo in Macpherson Singapore?

ECs offer an affordable alternative to private condominiums with great resale capital appreciation potential and low upfront costs. But before purchasing one, it is crucial that buyers fully understand all of its restrictions.

Government subsidised Executive Condos are designed to prevent property speculation by mandating that all occupants be Singaporeans or Permanent Residents. This rule also helps ensure that tenants pay rent on time.

1. Location

Antares Executive Condominium (EC), situated in Macpherson Singapore district 13, is the first new EC to be released here for almost 20 years and offers residents the ideal lifestyle experience close to various amenities for living a peaceful and pleasant lifestyle.

ECs offer the best of both worlds when it comes to public and private housing; they are affordable while still incorporating many facilities found in full-fledged condos, making them particularly appealing to “sandwich class” earners whose income meets BTO income limits but cannot afford private properties. This makes ECs highly sought after among these earners.

If you are planning to buy an Executive Condominium (EC), make sure you understand its buying process and eligibility criteria before beginning to search. This includes salary requirements and CPF housing grants available as well as discounts or promotions offered by developers for buyers. Lastly, examine its location near public transport networks.

2. Amenities

An executive condominium (EC), often abbreviated in Singapore as “condo”, offers the benefits and lifestyle associated with owning private housing at a more cost-effective price point while remaining subject to government-imposed rules and regulations.

An Executive Condo in Macpherson Singapore provides you with access to a host of amenities and features, such as a lap pool, gym, children’s playground and clubhouse. Plus, its close proximity to shopping malls, restaurants and public transportation makes life even simpler.

Are You an HDB Upgrader Looking for an Affordable Solution in Macpherson Singapore? Before buying, verify EC eligibility by reviewing your salary and CPF contribution amounts; Additionally, there will be a minimum occupancy period that must pass before selling or renting out your condo.

3. Size

Are You Searching for an Executive Condo (EC) in Singapore? These condos provide all the luxuries of private home living at more affordable rates – making them popular choices among Singaporean homeowners.

Affordable condominiums (ECs) not only provide affordability, but also enjoy prime locations near public transport links and amenities; many are conveniently situated close to MRT stations, bus stops, expressways, schools, workplaces, parks or other popular spots.

To purchase an EC, it is important to fulfill certain eligibility requirements. Learn about your minimum income requirement, maximum loan amount available to you and any resale levy or conditions associated with owning one. Next, find an EC that suits both your lifestyle and budget before selecting its size according to its floorplan layout and check its features to make sure they fit with what’s right for you.

4. Value for money

Apart from facilities, it is also important to take into account the age and condition of an EC. While newer ECs tend to offer more amenities like swimming pools and gyms, older ones might have smaller units with simpler facilities.

ECs are popular among buyers because they provide an economical middle ground between public housing and private condos, and ideal for the “sandwich class”, who earn more than HDB BTO income ceiling but fall below private property ceiling. Furthermore, they come at subsidised prices with CPF housing grants included as an added incentive.

But before buying an EC, it is crucial that you understand its rules and regulations. First of all, a family nucleus consisting of either two Singapore citizens/permanent residents (SCs) or one SC and one Singaporean parent must form. Furthermore, you must meet an income ceiling and pay stamp duties and legal fees before entering a minimum occupation period of five years before selling or renting out your property.