Counting on the Insurance is Hard

I was counting on my new health insurance plan that the government was offering and everyone said that it was going to be so good for those of us that did not have any in the past. I thought that I could get xanax on the new insurance policy that I had but they told me that it was not going to be worth fighting for because it was not a covered medication. I told them that this was a type of medication that helps people with mental health issues but they told me that did not matter. It was not affordable to begin with, this great health plan that everyone was talking about, so why was it so hard to go and get a medication that I needed when I was paying the monthly premium. I thought that it would be fun to go and have a new health plan but it was not covered.

My mom and my dad were going to keep me on their health plan but they told me that it would be better for me to get on my own plan as I was getting older. I was still in school but working full time so what would be the point of getting on this health care plan that was not going to cover me for the medications that kept me going every day? My friends said that they were also having a few problems here and there and that was not good because I was going to have to go online and buy the medication cheaper than the insurance coverage that I had before even though I only had a copay. I do not like to buy things on the internet as it could have my information stolen on there and be used.