Quickly Get Your Business Up and Running

Setting up a business, getting the permits and filing the necessary paperwork with the proper authorities, can be daunting. Doing a company incorporation in a place like Singapore felt challenging even though it’s easier than in most places. I wanted to expand my mail order business into Asia and decided to set up shop in Singapore due to their friendly pro-business environment. They’re known as a mecca for business and I thought I could save more money operating here than in other places. The corruption, for example, is quite low compared to other countries in the region and English is widely spoken.

But that still left me to navigate the corridors of government agencies in a quest to make sure I was dotting and crossing all the letters. I decided to look for someone who could help with the process as I had several other things going on at once and felt I couldn’t waste my time doing something that could very well turn into a weeks long process. I went online and found a company that takes all the pain out of the process by filing the paperwork for you. Even better the cost seemed low compared to the time I would lose trying to do it myself.

I hired them and picked a reasonable package that took care of the paperwork and also provided me with an address in Singapore plus a slew of extras that I needed to get going. For example they provided me with company secretary services for six months, a position required by law in Singapore where they advise me about corporate issues. I got so many extras out of the deal that it not only saved me money but also time in that I didn’t have to line up additional employees or services. I can’t wait to get started!

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