No Better Way to Help Our Customers

Running a fish market in Singapore is an exhausting job. Still, I wanted to find a way to better promote ourselves to our customers and potential customers. I ended up going to to find out if there was some way to use promotional business gifts to rack up bigger sales. I learned about the site from a friend who works at a bank that handed out bottles to customers with their bank’s name and logo on the items and he said it really worked out well for them. People actually started asking for them when they came in.

So I looked on the site to see if I could find something that would be perfect for the fish market. Handing out pens or umbrellas or hats just didn’t have the right feel. I wanted something that would match the product perfectly. I actually didn’t think I’d find anything and would have to settle for something food related such as plastic bottles like my friend’s company used. Then my eyes stumbled over coolers. Now that is a perfect item for a fish market. The problem with fish is you’ve got to get it home right away or it’s going to spoil pretty quickly. No one wants to carry around fish in a bag for long.

With the coolers you could put the fish in them and then take your time getting home. You might even be able to run some other errands without worrying about ruining your purchase. Once I saw the coolers it was a snap to get them customized with our name and address put on the side. We ordered a fair number of them and they were gone in days! People loved them, and I’ve noticed many of the customers bring them back to carry subsequent purchases. I think it was a winning idea.