Gaining Independence Was My Number One Goal

I spent all of last weekend looking for the best apartments for rent in Alamo Heights because I wanted to make sure I chose well. I spent a lot of years living with my parents past college, and I really needed some privacy and a place of my own. And I really wanted it to be a place that would make me feel that I did not need to go home. I wanted a place that made me proud and made me feel that it was worth coming home to every night. I made up a long list of the things that I was looking for, and I also understood that I may not find a place that had all or even most of what was on my list. But that was okay because I just needed to get something that was somewhat close.

My parents are great. I love them to death. That is not a problem. However, my mom hovers a lot and she does not seem to understand the concept of privacy very much. My dad says that she does, but that mom just worries too much. She would come to my room repeatedly throughout the day to see if I wanted something to drink or eat. She would do this every 2 hours or so, and often, it would interrupt homework time or even when I was sleeping. This really was a problem for me. And I cannot be rude to my mom, so I put up with it a lot.

Telling my mother that I was going to rent an apartment somewhere else upset her at first, but I think she finally undestood that I’m 24 years old and it is time for me to start gaining more independence. I told her that I would be come on Sundays for church and dinner with her. She seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when I told her that.