Recomendation for hypnosis download sites?

Hi Guys,

I am facing some life issues and hope to gain some support to overcome it. My demons as I call it like to attack me when I am alone or at night.

I heard of the power of hypnosis and is willing to try listening to some hypnosis audio to strengthen myself against my demons.

I am looking for a specific hypnosis mp3 and is googling around for hypnosis downloads. Would appreciate it is a free download so I can test out the effects first.

After searching around, I am seeing people recommending MichaelJemery website, is it good to source Hipnosis Downloads from him?

Anyone got good experiences to share? I see his site and products gaining lots of facebook likes and shares.

Do you guys have other reputable hypnosis downloads or person to share?

Can anyone recommend a trusted source?

I found this site via googling the terms: Hypnosis Downloads, Download Hypnosis MP3 files, Self-Hypnosis CDs. D

Best Regards from Steven

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