Aurora Digital Signage Provides Digital Signage Solutions for Retail and Hospitality Markets

aurora digital signage

Aurora Digital Signage can be used in a variety of business settings, including retail stores. The platform is equipped with several useful features, including a live emergency alert system and the ability to override scheduled content. In addition, retailers can use the platform to display apt music. The company also offers white label and reseller opportunities.

Interactive digital signage

Interactive digital signage at Aurora has a variety of advantages, including the ability to change content remotely and a secure Internet connection. It can also help a museum welcome large groups by advertising its gift shop and adding an interactive environment. A museum that relies on digital signage to inform guests of the current exhibits and services available at its facilities can reduce the number of questions at the reception desk.

Aurora’s interactive digital signage solutions come with a content management system, which allows content creators to upload, manage, and schedule content across multiple locations. It also allows users to handle multiple installations, signage designs, and hardware suppliers. The software is also protected with role-based access, license-based security, and emergency alerts. The software also allows teams to monitor the health of individual digital signage screens. Lastly, it offers the ability to integrate with third-party applications.

As with any type of interactive digital signage, creating the perfect content requires some work. First, network owners must secure hardware capable of powering interactive content, and second, they must choose the right software to connect all the pieces. The best software should be open-API-compatible and provide a secure environment. In addition, a security and reliability feature is essential for an interactive digital signage project. Since interactive displays are placed within arm’s reach of the public, they can be targets for tampering.

Social media is an important tool for interactive digital signage campaigns. It drives engagement and helps generate on-screen content. The specific implementation of social interactivity varies from campaign to campaign. However, it is common for users to post to their social accounts or a hashtag. For example, the #SendingLove campaign featured user-submitted messages of love in cities across the world.

Low bandwidth

The Aurora Group has been involved in the electronics industry for more than a century. Through a series of acquisitions and mergers, the company has diversified into a variety of markets, including hospitality, public transport, stadiums, and control rooms. Its digital signage solutions offer a wide range of solutions, including high-quality displays and wireless connectivity. These products offer a low-latency, high-quality image delivery that eliminates the need for compromises.

The IPBaseT technology that Aurora Multimedia uses combines 4K uncompressed video, zero-latency seamless switching, and digital audio with Ethernet and USB 2.0. This new technology provides a single distributed platform for large-scale seamless UHD video matrix deployment. It is also compatible with existing systems.

Aurora’s VLX Series of digital signage solutions offers the most advanced IP Streaming solutions using the company’s IPBaseT technology, which integrates IP/AV standards. The company’s 4K UHD transceivers offer only 1.5 frame latency and visually loss-compression. These devices can be configured as either receivers or transmitters.

The IPX-TC2 Series supports 4K60Hz 4:4 AV over IP signals and is the world’s first 10Gbps IPBaseT transceiver. It also supports zero frame latency scaling and windowing, and is available in both fiber and copper versions.

Easy setup

Aurora Digital Signage, Inc. was founded by Brent Robinson in February 2012. The company is still a family business that offers both hardware and software solutions for businesses. Brent is responsible for the company’s overall operations, sales programs, and financial operations. He has more than 10 years of experience in the industry.

With a patented content management system, Aurora provides businesses with the flexibility to create a tailored digital signage experience. Users can upload content, manage schedules, and manage multiple locations with ease. The software is flexible enough to accommodate multiple installations and signage designs, as well as different hardware suppliers. It also offers security measures, such as license ID-based security, role-based access, and emergency alerts. Aurora also helps businesses monitor digital signage screens and integrates with third-party applications for seamless integration.