Custom Packaging Companies in the USA

custom packaging company usa

Custom packaging companies in the USA can be found in many different industries. Some of these companies are Arka, General Converting, Inc., Refine Packaging, and Sticker Mule.

Refine Packaging

Refine Packaging is a leading provider of high-quality, custom wholesale boxes. They have been in business since 2003 and have a well-deserved reputation for providing the best customer service in the industry. Their products include cartons, mailers, item inserts and cosmetics packaging boxes. You can find all of these on their website.

Refine Packaging also boasts a plethora of other features. For example, they offer a live chat, free design support and a large selection of pre-made packaging styles to choose from. They are also the official partner of 99designs. In addition to their design services, they also offer an art print on the inside of the box.

Another cool feature is their 3D mockups of the final product. This is something that you won’t get with other companies.


Arka is one of the most trusted custom packaging companies in the world. They are a US-based company that specializes in a wide variety of products. From mailers to tape to tissue paper, their materials are high-quality and their prices are competitive.

Arka offers a simple yet powerful online 3D box design tool. This tool allows customers to create customized packaging in a matter of minutes. Once the design is completed, it can be printed, packaged, and shipped. Using this process, customers can have their boxes delivered in as little as 10 days.

Arka’s pricing is competitive and their minimums are low. Customers can also get custom quotes for their orders. The price goes down with the volume of the order. In addition, Arka has a high level of customer service.

Commonwealth Packaging Company

If you are looking to get your hands on some custom packaging for your products, Commonwealth Packaging Company is the way to go. The company has been in business for over sixty years and has a number of branches across the globe. For instance, it has offices in San Diego, California, New York City, and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It is a family owned and operated business that offers customers a plethora of options for the best price.

The company’s website claims that it can provide you with more than just custom packaging; it can also help you determine the best location for your manufacturing facility, track and analyze imports, and more. Moreover, the company boasts a staff of dedicated engineers who can guide you through the maze of options to find the right one for your needs.

Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is a custom packaging company that creates custom stickers, labels, and magnets. This company is based in New York and has worked with Facebook, Google, and Coca-Cola.

Sticker Mule’s products are made to order and are backed by a 100% remote team. They offer free proofs and fast turnaround. If you have a specific design in mind, they have templates to help you create it. Then, they print it for you. It’s a hassle-free way to promote your business.

Among their product offerings are custom die cut stickers, tags, and labels. These stickers are made of durable vinyl, and are resistant to water and heat. You can choose from many different shapes and designs.

They also offer packaging tape. Their tape is 2.8 inches wide by 100 feet long. It’s reinforced with water-activated kraft paper, and can be customized with your own logo.

General Converting, Inc.

General Converting Inc., or GCI for short, is a manufacturer of custom specialty folding cartons, point of purchase displays, and packaging products. The company, which started with three employees in 1982, has grown to 65 workers in 122,000 square feet of space. It is a customer-focused business that prides itself on providing timely solutions to a wide variety of clients.

In addition to manufacturing, the company also provides a number of services, including co-packaging, finishing, and fulfilling. With an annual revenue of $12.8 million, General Converting is a reputable name in the industry. This year, GCI was named a Green Power Partner by the EPA.

As part of their quest to reduce their carbon footprint, the company redesigned their facilities to include eco-friendly features. Most notably, the company implemented a state-of-the-art paper recycling system, which earned it a Green Flag award for its dedication to the environment.